Saturday, 1 December 2007

Carol foils crafty Magpie

Cyril the squirrel has been busy (I know Cyril is male 'cos I've seen him burying his nuts).
This is the time of year when any self respecting squirrel starts to bury nuts for the winter.
It's also the time of year when the bowling green is prepared for the winter months.
It has to be spiked with holes, about 1 inch deep, then dressed with some sort of sand based stuff.
Anyway, Cyril is an enteprising chap, why spend time and effort digging a hole to bury your nuts, when the bowling green has several hundred fresh holes for you to drop your nuts in.
That's what Cyril did! Not soft our Cyril.
However, there was beady eyes watching him from aloft, and there was beady eyes watching the beady eyes.
After the nuts were buried down popped at Magpie and started stealing Cyrils nuts.
Luckily, Carol (one of the WVC staff) had seen this and promptly salvaged Cyril's remaining nuts from the holes, and put them in Cyril's nut bowl.
Yeeess....Cyril 1 Magpie 0......and well done Carol!
David your heart out.