Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's been a while - but I'm back

Yup the last post was 2010 and a lot has happened in Woolton, and the Village Club since then or has it?
Just to summarise:
The 'Orchard' (the copse on the left side of Church Rd South as you go towards High St) has been sold.
Woolton Village Club has had the money from the sale.
The developer who bought the land is going to build flats with an underground car park for flat owners.
The developer has (I believe) obtained planning permission.
There has been protests about environmental issues regarding the land sale (cutting down of tres, disruption to wildlife etc).
A member of the Committee has been axed from the club because of  helping to organise the protests.
Significant improvements to the interior of Woolton Village Club are planned.
I've heard that Woolton baths are to be reopened.
'Beatle Tourists' continue to visit on their new cool Beatle Bus.