Saturday, 1 December 2007

Carol foils crafty Magpie

Cyril the squirrel has been busy (I know Cyril is male 'cos I've seen him burying his nuts).
This is the time of year when any self respecting squirrel starts to bury nuts for the winter.
It's also the time of year when the bowling green is prepared for the winter months.
It has to be spiked with holes, about 1 inch deep, then dressed with some sort of sand based stuff.
Anyway, Cyril is an enteprising chap, why spend time and effort digging a hole to bury your nuts, when the bowling green has several hundred fresh holes for you to drop your nuts in.
That's what Cyril did! Not soft our Cyril.
However, there was beady eyes watching him from aloft, and there was beady eyes watching the beady eyes.
After the nuts were buried down popped at Magpie and started stealing Cyrils nuts.
Luckily, Carol (one of the WVC staff) had seen this and promptly salvaged Cyril's remaining nuts from the holes, and put them in Cyril's nut bowl.
Yeeess....Cyril 1 Magpie 0......and well done Carol!
David your heart out.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Croats cost

Good crowd in the club last week for the England Croatia European Championship Qualifier.
Fantastic atmosphere as England got back from 2-0 down to draw level, everyone was really getting behind England and then........ouch 2-3, and we are out.
Everyone on a downer, except maybe the Jocks.
As that third Croat goal hit the back of the net, I thought (and this is sad)' My God that goal has just cost this club thousands of pounds in lost takings' (told you it was sad).
Not just our club, but hundreds of thousands of pubs and clubs in England.
No beer fuelled Summer afternoons or evenings watching England trying in vain to progress in a major tournament.
No flags of St George everywhere.
No John Motson wetting himself as England cross the halfway line.
No swearing at an inept England manager and pampered stars.
No getting to the club early to get a good seat to watch the match.
No goading kopites as Crouch misses another sitter.
No increase in bar takings.
Oh God, I'm depressing myself now-what the hell are we going to do???

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Adding comments

Someone asked me how to add a comment to this blog.
Just click on the heading of the article you want to comment on-in this case click on the 'Adding comments' at the top of this article.
Then you will see in light blue 'Post a comment' below the article.Click post a comment and you're in!
You can do that on any article.

Woolton .net

Its about time Woolton had it's own proper web site.
Local news, Forum where you can have a rant (eg about the chronic lack of parking space in the village, or why are there so many 86's and 79's but try and get a 78 from town after 5.30pm-no chance. I could go on)
There is even a page reserved for the Village club where someone can publicise upcoming events.One of my pet moans in the WVS is poor marketing of events.
Like the Halloween disco, which the Secretary (Sharon) had put a lot of work in on, but we hadn't advertised it enough.
Actually the disco was brilliant-quality music from 60's and 70's.
The smoking ban has hit us and every club in the UK, as has Tesco's and co selling off cans of lager at less than 50p.How can pubs and clubs compete with those prices?
We have to put on more events to attract our members.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Bowling Section

To conclude the post below about maintenace of the green-the bowls section agreed to contribute a sum to help with the upkeep of the green-result!
Incidentally, the visit by Ilkley Club the other Sunday was a great success-they did their their County proud-both on the green and off!!

Smoking Ban

From July 1st 2007 smoking in public places was banned in the U.K.
We are lucky in WVC because we have a large open area at the rear-the bowling green.
Also an outside seating area and veranda, where smokers can get their fix.
Fantastic in the Summer, but I reckon we should be looking at outside heaters come winter.
I'm under the impression that the ban has not had a massive effect on takings, up or down.
I was talking to a member of one of the groups on Audition Night, and he said that he had noticed a drop in bookings since the ban came in, and others had noticed the same.

Audition Night

Every now again we have an Audition night, usually on a Monday night.
Our Entertainments Secretary gets together with the Agents we use (whose name escapes me-maybe someone can post the name so I can give them a plug), and the Agents come a look at a few acts, with a view to booking them.
We had such a night the other Monday, 6 Acts all musical- and I tell you what-they were all brilliant.
Two guys sung the 'Swing' style stuff (you know-Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra stuff), one guy on a guitar, whose vocal range had to be heard to be believed, and 3 boy-girl groups-all excellent and very professional.
I can definitely recommend these nights-so next time we have one-get along, you get decent quality acts for FREE!!!(for members)

Monday, 10 September 2007

Wow-Blog causes uproar-free speech threatened?

Hi everyone-I haven't updated this blog for nearly a year (because of developing php stuff and other things).
I've just been to a Committee meeting (late because my car wouldn't start and had to wait an hour for AA). There were serious faces, and copies of this blogg handed to out to Committe members.
Basically I was asked to remove this blogg because it was 'showing the Club in a bad light' and that I shouldn't use the Clubs name in the blogg.
OK they came up with a couple of points that may have been valid-and I appreciate that and have edited the relevant bits.
One guy even tore up the blogg in disgust, which is good-the power of the written word stirring up emotions.
Even though I explained that this blogg was my own private opinions, not an official Website of Woolton Village Club-they still want it off the air!
As a fierce advocate of freedom of speech-NO CHANCE.
Funnily enough two members stopped me in Tesco on Sunday (the day before all this blew up) and asked me to update it regularly as they liked it!
Which is wierd-because noone has looked at it for a year-and now, in 2 days, all this attention!!
So I will update-but not right now cos it's nearly midnight-and I'm knackered!