Monday, 10 September 2007

Wow-Blog causes uproar-free speech threatened?

Hi everyone-I haven't updated this blog for nearly a year (because of developing php stuff and other things).
I've just been to a Committee meeting (late because my car wouldn't start and had to wait an hour for AA). There were serious faces, and copies of this blogg handed to out to Committe members.
Basically I was asked to remove this blogg because it was 'showing the Club in a bad light' and that I shouldn't use the Clubs name in the blogg.
OK they came up with a couple of points that may have been valid-and I appreciate that and have edited the relevant bits.
One guy even tore up the blogg in disgust, which is good-the power of the written word stirring up emotions.
Even though I explained that this blogg was my own private opinions, not an official Website of Woolton Village Club-they still want it off the air!
As a fierce advocate of freedom of speech-NO CHANCE.
Funnily enough two members stopped me in Tesco on Sunday (the day before all this blew up) and asked me to update it regularly as they liked it!
Which is wierd-because noone has looked at it for a year-and now, in 2 days, all this attention!!
So I will update-but not right now cos it's nearly midnight-and I'm knackered!

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