Saturday, 10 May 2008

The 'Orchard' development-Cyril may lose his nuts!

A motion detailing plans for usage of the 'Orhard' owned by Woolton Village Club(WVC) achieved the two-thirds majority required at a recent AGM.

The Orhard is a a sizable area of land in between Barclays Bank and St James' Church Hall on Church Road South.

Currently the land contains some 20 or so trees and is heavily overgrown.

The propasal is that the land be cleared and WVC (in conjunction with developers) will erect 3 to 4 'units' on the land.

There is no planning permission on the land at the momment, but WVC and their partners will be seeking permission to build retail and or residential units on the land.

The members of WVC own the Club and therefore own the land, but they will not be selling the land to developers.

The land will remain under the title of WVC, and also the developers, as a return for WVC allowing them use of the land, will build WVC a number of units (the number of which will be determined by the value of the land).

Although the motion was passed a few members voiced enviromental concerns regarding the removal of trees and wildlife habitat.

This is a significant development for the Club and should help to secure much needed cash flow income streams (in the form of rent from tenants) for the future.
The beauty of this scheme is that:-
1.It will cost the Club nothing to develop the land
2.The Club do NOT sell the land-it will remain on Club books for future generations
3.Rental income received each year
4.Commercial value of the Club and it's property should increase-and therefore the value of each members stake in the Club should increase.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Cyril looks for his nuts

It's official-this has been a mild winter.
Apparently squirrels partially hibernate, and will come out during mild spells, even during mid winter.
Well I can confirm this, cos Cyril the Squirrel has been spotted and it's only mid January.
This time he was spotted looking for his nuts near the bowling green.
There was no nuts in his bowl...nightmare!
Have no fear, a kind lady member of staff was dispatched to Sainsbury's and his nut bowl was refilled.
There's nothing worse than waking up and finding your nuts have gone.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tell us what you like or don't like

A guy comes into the club the other day to renew his 2008 membership. He duly pays his £12 (yes it's gone up £2-first rise for about 5 years!) and then says
'Thanks, can you tell me where the toilets are?'
.....and this is the problem we have.
Approximately 1400 members, where the hell are they all year?
We can't survive financially if the members don't come and use the facilities, spend money over the bar etc etc.
So why don't you come?
We need to know what you LIKE or more to the point, what you DISLIKE about the club.
Once we find out what you hate-we can put it right (or try to).
If any of these 'ghost' members are reading this, please tell us why you don't come to the club very often.
Just click on the heading of this article, then scroll down to click 'Post a comment'
That would be much appreciated-ta