Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Cyril looks for his nuts

It's official-this has been a mild winter.
Apparently squirrels partially hibernate, and will come out during mild spells, even during mid winter.
Well I can confirm this, cos Cyril the Squirrel has been spotted and it's only mid January.
This time he was spotted looking for his nuts near the bowling green.
There was no nuts in his bowl...nightmare!
Have no fear, a kind lady member of staff was dispatched to Sainsbury's and his nut bowl was refilled.
There's nothing worse than waking up and finding your nuts have gone.


catspider said...

Talking of Nuts

Alphonsus Watters lived in Woolton Grove, Halewood Road, in the early part of the last century and he was a fruitarian, living on nuts and fruit. He had a sign up outside his property `Beware of snakes`. Later on my Dad and family lived in Woolton Grove from 1926 to 1932 and it was a considerable estate with an 18 acre orchard.

fionah said...

Sad to relate, my husband's ancestor, Trafalgar veteran Peter Stuart, was living at his watchmaker son Peter Stuart's house, Woolton Grove,Halewood Lane, in May 1860 when he (Peter) committed suicide. He died at Woolton Grove and was buried in Halewood churchyard; his gravestone is still visible.