Sunday, 16 September 2007

Audition Night

Every now again we have an Audition night, usually on a Monday night.
Our Entertainments Secretary gets together with the Agents we use (whose name escapes me-maybe someone can post the name so I can give them a plug), and the Agents come a look at a few acts, with a view to booking them.
We had such a night the other Monday, 6 Acts all musical- and I tell you what-they were all brilliant.
Two guys sung the 'Swing' style stuff (you know-Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra stuff), one guy on a guitar, whose vocal range had to be heard to be believed, and 3 boy-girl groups-all excellent and very professional.
I can definitely recommend these nights-so next time we have one-get along, you get decent quality acts for FREE!!!(for members)

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