Saturday, 16 December 2006

Death of Comedian

Have you ever seen a comedian die on stage?........not a pretty sight I can tell you.
I remember one Saturday night (we have live entertainment on Saturdays) this comedian came on stage to do his turn.
Now one thing the normally subduded Woolton Gentlefolk hate with a 'turn' swearing (and Acts are warned about this before they come on)
Anyway this was his opening line.......
'I shouldn't really be here tonight, I lost the wife during the week.........
(Audience go quiet, some look down in respect)
'What a f***ing card game that was'
Now I must admit, I laughed- I still think it's funny.I then got daggers of looks for laughing-I knew what was going to happen.
The Comedian, blissfully unaware of the crime he had commited, went on to his next joke........not even a polite titter.
'Alright' he said 'I don't know who's more p*ssed off. Me looking at you or you looking at me'-and stormed off the stage, never to be seen again.
Future comedians booked for Woolton Village Club-take note!!


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Tisha said...

*LOL* Great post.

jason said...

greatly amusing! the comedian's joke, his death, and your post!

Roger said...

Jee wiz what a tough crowd

Wandering Far said...

Great game poker... and you've got to love that joke.