Saturday, 16 December 2006

Happy Hour or No Happy Hour?

.....another death defying decision to make by the Committee.
As I have said previously, we are always struggling for cash and have taken some cost saving exercises this year.
One of which was abolishing the 'Happy Hour' (actually it was a happy 7 hours!)
The happy hour is a period of time during which we charge lower prices for drinks than normal to attract custom. The hours used to be between 12am and 7pm.
What actually happened was that we got about 6 people in during the afternoon and they would spend about £5.50 between them, and we have to pay bar staff-not a good idea when the club is hard up!
So we axed it!........and it has worked, financially (mainly because we are now charging full prices during the weekend when the football is on the big screens).
However members have been complaining, and our competitors-The Woolton British Legion-have responded by making their prices lower than ours during the afternoon, and I know we are losing custom to the British Legion.
We said we would review the happy hour situation after Dec 31 this year-personally I think it should remain axed, but I am just one vote on the Committee-which way will it go?......can you bear the tension?

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