Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Battle of the Bowls

An issue that has arisen this year is the Bowling Green!
WVC has quite a large bowling green at the back-which looks fantastic in the Summer, when the hanging baskets are in full bloom.
You can sit around the green or on the veranda overlooking the green and enjoy a nice drink.
However the green needs to be maintained, this costs money, about £3000 per year (greenkeepers wages, fertiliser etc).
WVC are in bowling leagues and visiting teams come once or twice per week-then they go home.
That's the problem, they go home, they go directly home, they do not pass bar, and we don't collect any revenue from bar sales.In fact using the green is free, so we don't collect any revenue from bowls full stop.
Now we have 2 snooker tables and they bring in more income than the bowls- with no maintenance-you can see the problem-we need cash off the Bowling people (and there's only about 30 of them).
We got representives of the bowling committee in front of the management committee and told them the score.Obviously they weren't too happy about stumping up-so we gave them a compromise.
Bowls section to hold 2 fund raising events in our rooms (free of charge), we take £200 off each one and they keep any surplus.
The bowling section said they would put it before their committee-we await the outcome.

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