Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Setting the Scene

The Woolton Village Club (WVC) is a members only social club with about 2000 members of various ages-the majority over 40!
We are situated in Woolton, a village 7 miles S.E of Liverpool (in Doomseday book as Ulverton).
Woolton is 'famous' because John Lennon lived there, he met Paul at the Woolton garden fete at St Peter's church, Strawberryfields is in Woolton , John and Paul have played at the WVC! and Eleanor Rigby's grave is in St Peter's church Woolton (see Beatles links opposite).
The WVC provides live entertainment on Saturday and Sunday nights (may be able to stream that at a later date), has a large bowling green, golf and bowling sections, 2 full size snooker tables, 2 big screens for footy etc and Bingo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and (bone of contention) Saturday evenings.
So there it is, just a quick word painting of the stage.

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