Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Kids Christmas Party

On Saturday 10th December we held the dreaded Christmas party for member's children.
The age range is 4 to 9, this takes some organisation, I can tell you.
The kids each get one big present (and I mean big-some of the smaller ones couldn't carry the present), 2 selection boxes and some fruit.
Tickets are limited, so there is always a scramble and moans from members who weren't able to get one.
This year we had about 40 kids there, each present has to be wrapped-this year it was Gayle, Lucy and the bar staff who did the sterling work.
We needed a 'Father Christmas' to give the presents out-and no one would volunteer.
Stupidly I volunteered-the first little boy (about 4 or 5yrs)near yanked my beard off-it was bloody hot in that costume.
I'd like to thank Frieda who did a magnificent job in making the event a great success.

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