Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Woolton .net

Its about time Woolton had it's own proper web site.
Local news, Forum where you can have a rant (eg about the chronic lack of parking space in the village, or why are there so many 86's and 79's but try and get a 78 from town after 5.30pm-no chance. I could go on)
There is even a page reserved for the Village club where someone can publicise upcoming events.One of my pet moans in the WVS is poor marketing of events.
Like the Halloween disco, which the Secretary (Sharon) had put a lot of work in on, but we hadn't advertised it enough.
Actually the disco was brilliant-quality music from 60's and 70's.
The smoking ban has hit us and every club in the UK, as has Tesco's and co selling off cans of lager at less than 50p.How can pubs and clubs compete with those prices?
We have to put on more events to attract our members.

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miranda said...

Speaking of events, there's a notice board outside the swimming baths on Allerton Rd, Yet nothing ever gets put up for the village people to see. I myself would like to hear about these events taking place, How can we attend if we are not notified? We need to advertise more.