Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Croats cost

Good crowd in the club last week for the England Croatia European Championship Qualifier.
Fantastic atmosphere as England got back from 2-0 down to draw level, everyone was really getting behind England and then........ouch 2-3, and we are out.
Everyone on a downer, except maybe the Jocks.
As that third Croat goal hit the back of the net, I thought (and this is sad)' My God that goal has just cost this club thousands of pounds in lost takings' (told you it was sad).
Not just our club, but hundreds of thousands of pubs and clubs in England.
No beer fuelled Summer afternoons or evenings watching England trying in vain to progress in a major tournament.
No flags of St George everywhere.
No John Motson wetting himself as England cross the halfway line.
No swearing at an inept England manager and pampered stars.
No getting to the club early to get a good seat to watch the match.
No goading kopites as Crouch misses another sitter.
No increase in bar takings.
Oh God, I'm depressing myself now-what the hell are we going to do???

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